Salient WordPress Theme Review

Salient is a striking theme that features a design that will grab the attention of your visitors. It has all the aesthetic features you’ll need to design an online presence that will make your visitors stop in their tracks.

The theme also comes with a wide variety of layouts for pages that allow you to create any type of site you can dream of, from a one-page site to a complex portfolio or e-commerce site. Salient allows you to create blogs, and has different styles to choose from, such as auto masonry and material masonry. In addition it comes with three distinct single-post header designs that you can apply to alter the appearance of your website.

Salient’s built-in love system is another excellent feature. It allows you to monitor which posts or projects your visitors love the most on your site. This will help keep your visitors interested by displaying the most popular content on your website.

One of the best things about salient is its user-friendliness, regardless of your experience level with WordPress. This theme is intuitive and https://salientdemopages.com/godaddy-website-builder-review/ comes with plenty of support to help you resolve any issues.

It also provides a comprehensive selection of themes which you can find in the theme settings panel. In this panel, you can adjust general settings like choosing the theme, uploading a logo or setting the back button to top button, and much more. There’s also the Typography option that lets you turn on Google fonts and set options for text size, line height, and spacing. You can also make use of the custom CSS box to modify the style of elements worldwide without changing the core files, meaning that your personalizations will remain intact during themes updates.