Interdisciplinary Science and Business

The science method has been responsible for some of the most significant technological advances in the world. Companies that embrace science are competitive. However, it’s crucial to realize that science isn’t only about inventions; it’s about understanding the world around us and the ways people use products and services.

Scientists are typically immersed in their work, and focused on expanding knowledge. Entrepreneurs are the ones who can turn that discovery into something that will benefit society. This requires a whole new set of abilities, including skeptical thinking, and a practical focus. While science is often driven by curiosity intuition and prior knowledge Scepticism and methods such as external and internal peer reviews, random controlled trials, and so on are vital to stop blind optimism.

Business isn’t all about profit it’s also about making decisions that will benefit customers, employees, and shareholders over the long run. The challenge is to create a framework which supports both of these their website aspects and recognizes their interdependence.

Majoring in Interdisciplinary Science and Business offers an opportunity to create an integrated framework for these two areas of knowledge so that you are prepared for an enviable career in any business related field. The interdisciplinary program is managed jointly by Penn State Behrend’s School of Science and the Black School of Business, and it is one of only a few business-science undergraduate programs across the country. The degree allows you to customize your plans by choosing one of the courses that suits your interests in either the science or business side of the equation.