Features to Look For in Secure File Hosting

Secure file hosting allows teams to work on projects and files securely from any device anytime, matter where they are. It increases productivity and improves collaboration, and it allows companies to establish trust with clients as well as colleagues and partners. This is especially crucial for industries that are highly controlled, such as finance, healthcare, or law.

The best method to share files safely is to choose a provider that offers complete encryption and strong security controls. This safeguards sensitive information both in storage and during transportation, and prevents hackers from accessing the host server itself. Two-factor authentication, along with access control based on attributes are other essential features.

If you are required to transfer large amounts of data select a solution with high-speed transfers and low latency. It should also have an user-friendly interface. Choose a program that offers unlimited file formats and branding capabilities. This allows you to personalize your file sharing service with your logo and branding and allow you to keep on top of any changes made to files.

A hybrid file server is a different option to consider. It provides secure access to files both on-premises as well as cloud. This allows you to manage permissions to files and folders on a per-user basis. You can also create link control options, such as “people who have the link” or “invited individuals only.” You can also create expiration dates and set up optional password protection to further increase security. A hybrid server also ensures compliance with laws such as GDPR, HIPAA and FedRAMP.