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Some of the more commonly seen variants involve employment scams, lottery scams, online sales and rentals, and romance scams. Many scams involve online sales, such as those advertised on websites such as Craigslist and eBay, or property rental. This article cannot list every known and future type of advanced fee fraud or 419 scheme; only some major types are described. Additional examples may be available in the external links section at the end of this article. Many scams use telephone calls to convince the victim that the person on the other end of the deal is a real, truthful person. The scammer, possibly impersonating a person of a nationality or gender other than their own, would arouse suspicion by telephoning the victim.


This scam has been linked to the classical 419 scams in that the fictitious couriers used, as are also used in other types of 419 scams such as lotto scams. FCC regulations and confidentiality laws require operators to relay calls verbatim and adhere to a strict code of confidentiality and ethics. Thus, no relay operator may judge the legality and legitimacy of a relay call and must relay it without interference. This means the relay operator may not warn victims, even when they suspect the call is a scam. MCI said about one percent of their IP Relay calls in 2004 were scams. Nigeria also contains many businesses that provide false documents used in scams.

Our list of fake regulators and exchanges — Check if the limefx offer mentions an entity on this list. By law, Australian financial services companies need an AFS licence to operate in Australia. Search ASIC Connect’s Professional Registers to see if a company is licensed.


By determining the location of the victim, the scammer ensures he is far enough from the victim so as to not allow the buyer to physically view the pet. Should the scammer be questioned, as the advertisement claimed a location initially, the scammer will claim work circumstances having forced him to relocate. This forces a situation whereby all communication is either via email, telephone and SMS. The modern day transnational scam can be traced back to Germany in 1922 and became popular during the 1980s. One of these, sent via postal mail, was addressed to a woman’s husband to inquire about his health. It then asked what to do with profits from a $24.6 million limefx and ended with a telephone number.

In that con, businessmen were contacted by an individual allegedly trying to smuggle someone who is connected to a wealthy family out of a prison in Spain. In exchange for assistance, the scammer promised to share money with the victim in exchange for a small amount of money to bribe prison guards. Don’t sign up with any Web site that requires a fee for accessing paid online surveys. The UK regulator, FCA, published an official warning against this brand, stating that all those involved should immediately file a complaint about the broker. Also, they said the clients broker that fell for such a scam would have a hard time being reimbursed.


A scam is done when a broker takes your money through unfair means and therefore there can be many more ways to scam innocent traders. Please fill the form after you click ‘File a complaint’ button above and our experts will contact you and help you to start the process of your fund recovery. We do not recommend to trade with Aussie Trust since this broker has been suspected as a scam broker. Immediately withdraw your funds if you are currently trading with them.

  • Quite often, the company lacks any form of the physical catalog to help them sell products (e.g. jewelry).
  • If the scammers believe they are being traced, they discard their mobile phones and purchase new ones.
  • Payment is via MoneyGram, Western Union or money mules’ bank accounts where other victims have been duped into work from home scams.
  • If Aussie Trust is trying to hold onto your funds, it may try to pressure you into another trade when you ask for a withdrawal.

The only one I could find is this one, as far as i know you can report websites if they have scammed you of money. If you need to be unblocked please e-mail us at and provide the IP address and reference number shown here along with why you require access. This data is based on reports provided to the ACCC by web form and over the phone. Do not let anyone pressure you into making decisions about your money or limefxs and never commit to any limefx on the spot. Prior to investing always seek independent legal advice or financial advice from a financial advisor who is registered with ASIC. If it’s a cryptocurrency limefx always speak with a qualified legal adviser first.

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Most of these promotions are too good to be true, and are fabricated with false endorsements to persuade you into handing over money that you won’t see again. If your friend is promoting something you suspect as an limefx scam, you should personally check with your friend to ensure their social media site has not been hijacked to issue false endorsements. You should also research the limefx strategy carefully and seek professional limefx advice. One of the variants is the Romance Scam, a money-for-romance angle. The con artist approaches the victim on an online dating service, an instant messenger, or a social networking site.

Yet, you can check out the platform from the Trading Platform section of the website. The broker has been reviewed on a couple of websites, including Trustpilot. If you look at what traders think, you will see that the LimeFX forex broker is not as good as you might think. Despite its long-lasting name, they have nothing else to offer.


The limefx adverts or news stories make claims about limefx opportunities with huge returns and will typically link to a scam website, often involving a cryptocurrency limefx ‘opportunity’. You may see a fake news story about an limefx opportunity which appears to be from a well-known media site such as ABC News, The Project and using a celebrity’s image. Scammers use the image, name and personal characteristics of well-known celebrities without their permission, to entice you into investing. Fake celebrity endorsements are often used to advertise scam cryptocurrency schemes. Search for the company online plus “review”, “complaint” or “scam”.

  • If you spot any of these signs, hang up the phone or delete the email.
  • I just want to put this up as yet another warning to anyone that comes across a “too good to be true” deal on a car way below market value then it’s most likely a scam.
  • ASIC Connect’s professional register search — Check the company has an AFS licence or Australian credit licence.
  • Check if a financial advisor is registered via the ASIC website.

In this case you will need to contact the bank or the credit card company to ask for a chargeback. But you need to represent a good case because not all the banks will help you with the excuse that it was you who authorized the transaction. By investing in and/or trading financial instruments, commodities and any other assets, you are taking a high degree of risk. I really enjoyed your website, searching for the best broker for my wishes. I also have a commission based website and obviously I registered at LimeFX through you.

After that you can prepare a letter or an email describing how you got deceived from them. Make sure you show this letter or email to them, and tell them you will send it to the regulating agency if they don’t refund your money. A Romance Scam is an online dating scam where the scammer will spend time cultivating a relationship with you online, often over many months.


Refer to these for more detailed information about how a specific calculator works. Check to see if the company is licensed in Australia or overseas, and make sure you’re not dealing with an imposter. Browse our frequently asked questions and learn how we protect you from fraud at Heritage Bank. Dr Anthony Madu is a Nigerian Gynaecologist who went to jail for scamming the UK healthcare system. If you already deposited your money with them and they refuse to give your money back, which is very likely to happen, don’t worry, it might be a way or two to get your money back.

If you have experienced the following with Aussie Trust, it’s more than likely that you have been deceived or are involved in a scam. We therefore recommend that you report a scam and file a chargeback against Aussie Trust as the first step to recover your funds. Aussie Trust was identified to be operating under questionable and unethical methods due to their regulatory status and suspicious limefx scam terms of service. Chargebax recommends that users do not trade with them and if you are already involved, to contact them immediately to cash out your funds. limefx provides an easy to use, cutting edge trading services for investors from all over the globe. I bought half a bitcoin at 13k with the Bitcoin soaring to 60k and I was confident that my account is doing well.

This firm is not authorised by us and is targeting people in the UK. You will not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service or be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme , so you are unlikely to get your money back if things go wrong. In “A Thief in Ni-Moya”, a 1981 novella from Robert Silverberg’s Majipoor series, a young woman is swindled out of her savings under the pretense of fees required to inherit a large estate. In the case of Nigeria, the rise in scamming cases was due to a boom in cybercafes, a series of economic crashes from the 1980s, and the resulting joblessness among young people in Nigeria.